2003 Pierce Saber, 1000gal Tank, 1250 GPM Pump, 12kw Generator, 25gal Class A Foam and 25gal Class B Foam, Husky 10 Foam System, 1200ft of 4in Supply line, 400ft of 3in Supply Hose, 5 Scott Fifty Airpacks and 10 extra 4.5 bottles, Scott Thermal Imaging Unit, 5 - 800 MHZ Radio's to go with airpacks, 2 - 200ft 1 3/4in Preconnected Attack Lines, 1 - 200ft 1 1/2in Trash Line in Front Bumper, 1 - 200ft 2 1/2in Blitz Line, 200ft of 1in Booster Hose on Reel, 2100 gal Drop Tank, 6in Jet Assist Quick Dump, Hurst Combo Rescue Tool, Hurst 30 inch Ram, Hurst Power Unit, RIT Pack
1998 Pierce Saber, 1000 Tank, 1250 GPM Pump, 12KW Hyd. Generator, 1200ft of 4in supply line, 200ft of 3in line, 2 - 1 3/4in Attact Lines 200ft long,1 -150ft 1 1/2in Trash Line,1 - 200ft 2 1/2in Blitz Line, 1 - 200ft preconnected 1in Forestry Hose,  5 Scott Fifty  4.5 Airpacks and 10 extra 4.5 air bottles, 5 - 800 MHZ Radio's to go with airpacks, 2100 gal Drop Tank, 6in Quick Dump,
RIT Pack
2008 Ford F350, 225gal Tank, 300 GPM Pump, Around the pump Class A foam system, 200' 3/4in Booster Reel , 200' 1 1/2in Preconnected Attact Line, 200ft of 1in Forestry Hose, 200ft of 5/8in Forestry Hose, 100ft of 3in Supply Line, 9500lb Winch, This truck also carries Medical Equipment and is used as a Quick Responce for Medical Calls
2021 Fouts Kenworth Tanker, 1000 GPM Pump, 3000gal Tank, Pump and Roll Capability, Newton 10" Electric Swivel Dump, 2000ft of 4in Supply Line, 2 - 200ft 1 3/4in Attact Lines,    200' 2 1/2in Blitz Line, 150ft of 1in Booster Hose on Reel, 3000gal Drop Tank, , 4 Scott Fifty Air Packs and 8 extra 4.5 air bottles
Squad 18
1994 Ford Super Duty built by Chiefs Fire & Rescue, Hurst Rescue Equipment, Hurst Gas and Electric Power Unit, Hurst Spreaders, Hurst Cutters, 60in Hurst Ram, 30in Hurst Ram, Hurst Air Bag Set with bags from 1 ton to 74 tons, 
On board 5Hp Air Compressor with 100ft hose reel, 4 - Scott Fifty 4.5 airpacks and 4 extra 4.5 bottles, 8kw Generator, 12000lb Winch on Front Bumper
2013 Chevy Silverado, BLS Medical QRV,
 Traffic Control Equipment, 4 Scott Fifty Airpacks, Extra 4.5 Airbottles
2000 Spartan / Marion 18 foot non-walkin rescue truck. The cab has seating for 6 with 5 containing SCBA's. This truck carries a set of Hurst Rescue Tools, Air Bags (High and Medium Pressure), Air Chisels, and High Angle Equipment. Rescue 618 responds to a variety of rescue calls including but not limited to: Automobile Extrication, Industrial Accidents, and High / Low Level  Rope Rescue.